Canal Boats


 This Dawncraft was originally fitted with a diesel imboard. We removed the dirty,noisey old inboard and in its place, we built a transom and splashwell into the boat which incorporated an access hatch from the inside of the boat to the splash well .The old sterndive was removed and the hole was filled with grp,carbosil marine filler and gelcoated . It was then flatted and polished to achieve the required finish.. 


The splash well was built in our yard and fitted on site at Goytre Wharf  on the Brecon and Monmouthshire canal in Redline Boats  Dry Dock at their depot at Goytre Wharf . The transom was cut to the correct height for the customers new longshaft outboard. The splash well had space either side for two 15 liter portable tanks. The splashwell was self draining , draing via two scuppers in the transom.

canal boat transom