Boat Repairs Undertaken


Restoring a Cleopatra 23
cleopatra  003
The boat was sinking on it's mooring!
pretty fast! We had to get it out quickly as Diesel was seeping into the marina and posing a pollution hazard.
cleopatra  007
We pumped out the water and managed to float her! 
cleopatra 008
The engine was covered in sludge from the marina , as was the cockpit and all lockers etc. 
cleopatra  004 
As you can see,it's looking a bit worse for wear!
r cleopatra  023
We recovered the boat from the water and took it up to our factory for extensive renovation works. The engine and gearbox were removed and completely overhauled.
The interior was stripped, refurbished and rewired.
The boat was sprayed with polygloss and antifouled. New windows and steering system were installed along with stainless handrails.
lifeboat warrior cleopatra hardy etc 049
The finished boat ready for the water!
cleopatra  051
The boat was launched and put onto a mooring and now looking completely different from the one which we recovered from the marina!
A Warrior 150 with a damaged Hull!
warrioe 150 floor problem
The Hull had split where the foam buoyancy ended for approx 300mm along the chine.
The plywood deck was removed to enable us to assess the damage and repair it correctly.
warrior 085
The view under the floor section.The  damaged GRP was keyed up and laminated using chopped strand mat and woven rovings to strengthen the area.
floor bearers inplace 089
 Extra Floor Bearers were fitted and bonded to the hull superstructure as requested by the owner.
These were covered with 1200g/m2 of glassfibre to seal and strengthen.
warrioe 150
 A Hardwood  19mm plywood floor was fitted to the bearers and covered in glassfibre for protection and to seal and tie in to the existing laminate.
Polyeurathane  expanding foam was then poured under the floor to give structural strength and buoyancy.
  The gellcoat was repaired on the underside of the boat and the floor area was finished in a hardwearing, non-slip gellcoat. Job Done! 
An Alaska 500, with a floor problem!
mr gould boat 003
 This is a serious floor problem!
Water was seeping through the anchor locker and going under the flooring.
alaska with floor problem
There was no way for the water to drain away and as a result, the wood rotted from the underside until the floor completely gave way!. 
The stringers were found to be not sealed properly and as a consequence, they rotted  and  collapsed! 
Action Taken ! 
  boat pictures 036
The original flooring was removed and the hull was prepped. A drainage system was fitted and crossmembers and stiffeners replaced and fibreglassed.
  boat pictures 037
Close up of drainage pipe under construction. 
alska floor
A New floor was fitted in marine ply .
 The Floor was fibreglassed and a non slip gelcoat applied.
A bung was fitted at the rear of the boat, below floor level to allow the underfloor to drain if required.
These are typical examples of the work we undertake. We also do structural alterations / repairs and refits at our Boatyard workshop or on site.
 strip line