Yacht Repairs

An Example of a Mono Fin Keel Yacht With Impact Damage 

                         mono sailing yacht 016                    
     An example of a 7 metre mono fin keel yacht    
       with impact damage from The Isle of Wight .              
      The repairs had to be completed in approx 
            10 days due to 'cowes' regatta .
 mono sailing yacht 018
The strength of the grp superstructure adjacent to the split is significantly weakened  due to the impact damage which occurred in the Solent.
        mono sailing yacht 017                                                                                                             
 The hull sustained impact damage to the gelcoat ,jointing strip and weakened an area approx 1mtr square .
After Completion of Repairs
  mono sailing yacht 023
The hull and deck were strengthened in the damaged area using a combination and chopped strand matting laminate . Gelcoat works were also completed. 
  sailing yacht 025
 A new joining strip was fitted to the outside of the hull and deck joint and all works were completed in time for the customer to participate at the Cowes Regatta .
The boat was delivered to the South Coast 7 days after receiving it !
The customer was extremely pleased with the finished job and the turn around time .