Commercial Boat Repairs

GGF Marine undertake all aspects of commercial work from grp work to mechanical and engine work.We are on site specialists and can work around you with quick turnaround times .We can carry out servicing and repairs on site as well as fitting new . Here are some of our examples below:
Repairing the lifeboat for the “Arklow Rally “Tanker at Swansea Dry Dock
A 6.9m Cheetah Catermaran undergoing Repairs 
This boat broke it's moorings and got washed up on rocks during a ferocious storm. Both hulls were holed and had extensive damage .
cheater cat 002 
As you can see , it's an extensive rebuilding job !
Each hull section had to be completely refurbished
with strengthening glass and conventional GRP,
cheater cat 004 
Both keel bands were torn off by the impact on the rocks !
And the grp was signifigantly weakened .
cheater cat 005 
Both hulls required internal and external re-inforcement ,
prior to gellcoating and shaping to bring the original profile back .
catermaran front finished 007
The finished boat , still on props , antifouled and
awaiting the trailer and a hose pipe !
catermaran yard finished 008 
 The hull profile is now as good as new and the
 gelcoat is buffed  and polished .
catermaran outside yard finished 009  
The boat was placed back on it's trailer , washed
and ready for collection by the owner who was
extremely pleased with the end result.
 catermaran in harbour finished 010
The Cheetah Catermaran back on the water ready for action !